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Warranty conditions

The warranty conditions for all domestic and industrial sewing machines and industrial embroidery machines that are offered in the Kachiran central exhibition are corporate and all standard parts can be provided. Dear customers, you can after purchasing the desired product. By registering its serial number, they will be informed about the validity of their warranty and its conditions.


In Kachiran Central Exhibition, an expert and efficient team is working to investigate the technical problems of the sewing machine, the sewing machine service and to solve the problems of all kinds. Kachiran Central Exhibition is the official representative of Kachiran Company. As a result, it has always provided the best services in the field of replacing essential and damaged sewing machine parts.

Therefore, this group of dear customers is requested to help us in achieving this important goal by completing the survey form below in order to improve the quality and provide the best services and establish mutual communication.


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After-sales service In order to improve the quality of after-sales service and the response of our partners in Sabzevari Tak collection, submit your opinion in the attached form. Time required: 3 minutes


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